Project 1






Powder coated cast iron



Customer Review:

“We were self-building our Victorian style house in 2017 and was looking for a staircase supplier. We were looking for a company who we could work with the supply an authentic solid Oak staircase.

We had visited several self-build exhibitions and had spoken to a few companies but none of them were particularly helpful.

We decided to look for a local company and happened to come across RTH after seeing one of their delivery vehicles on the A12.

My husband and I made an appointment to go to their workshop and see what was available. They were very helpful and knowledgeable with ideas for us to consider, as there was a massive variety of styles to choose from, from the Victorian era.”

“We were given samples of spindles to take home while we were choosing. As the house had not been built at the time of ordering we RTH our plans and they prepared drawings of the staircase and priced various options available to us.

I learned a lot about open and closed tread staircases and continuous handrails at that time!

We decided on what we wanted and placed an order. I was aware of the lead time so placed the order at the right time for when I wanted the staircase delivered, however a few weeks before fitting we were not ready on site. RTH were happy to reschedule to fit in with our requirements.”

“When the time came to fit the staircase, everything went to plan the fitters were excellent and obviously knew their trade.

We are over the moon with our staircase and it really makes the hallway of our house look amazing.”

All thanks to the RTH team.

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